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Land Claim by Ranger24
Land Claim
something for a role play, imgur being annoying.
5 Lelouch Vi Britannia

What is a hero?

What is a villan?

Where does one draw the line between a freedom fighter and a terrorist?

When the whole world is twisted, corrupted, and rotten how far would you go to change it?

Would you be willing to die for it?

Lelouch Vi Britannia.

Lelouch Lamperouge.


There is something to be said for a character who is hard to define in anything but the most broadest terms, who dances behind so many masks and personas that it is hard to tell who or what Lelouch really is.  Is he a hero fighting for justice for the oppressed and the marginalized, to make a better world for those he loves?  A ruthless manipulator who plays everyone for everything they are worth before tossing them to the wolves in his quest for revenge?

Its been said Lelouch is Light Yagami done right, without the God complex and with real goals in mind.  Like Light he uses his intellect to fight but he isn't afriad of taking to the field of battle himself even if he is at best a mediocre mech pilot.  That's arguably one of Lelouch's more admirabe traits, say what you will about his actions he always puts himself right in the action to lead his troops in battle, claiming that if a King does not lead how can he expect his men to follow.

Lelouch also shows us what can happen when you give a master tactician, with mind control powers, absolutely nothing left to lose, no allies, no refuge, no hope.  The answer is that he has nothing left to restrain him, nothing left to hold him back, no one whose standards he must live up to, and no regard for his own life or safety so long as his ultimate goal is achieved.  He becomes something amazing and terrifying.

And then there is Lelouch's death, a mad plan to break the cycle of war politicing and oppresion.  Step one, conquer the world and destroy those who were perpetuating the system.  Step two, become the most hated and feared tyrant in history.  Step three, have your own best friend, who is believed dead, disquise himself as your alter ego who is a symbol of hope to millions and is also believed to be dead by the general population kill you in broad day light in public, ending your regime in one fell swoop and allowing new hands to take the reins of power.

Regardless of what you think of Code Geass' ending  this plan is so dramatic and theatrical it is believable that Lelouch would come up with a plan this crazy and some how get it to work.  Unlike Light Yagami Lelouch faces his death with dignity, possibly because he planned, but as I have said before Lelouch is the sort how is not afraid to die to achieve his ends.  He drags his own reputation into the mud and does everything in his power to ensure that those he cares about will not face retaliation for his actions.  

He cut ties with his friends at Ashford Academy.  He had his former subordinates jailed.  He chained up his little sister Nunally.  Suzaku fakes his death.  C.C leaves and vanishes from public eye.  He breaks Kallen's heart so she wouldn't have to die trying to save him.  Like Light he isolates himself alone at the top.

Unlike Light however, Lelouch does not die alone both literally and in a more personal sense.  Those who know him well enough realize, to late to do anything to stop this plan, what he is doing recognize that once more he has played the whole world for the fool with one last deception, to make one last miracle.  And yet those who love him can never reveal to anyone the truth of what had occured, the depth of Lelouch's nobility and selflessness, for to do so would render his sacrifice worthless.  To the world he must remain a demon, when in truth he was their messiah.

Whether you love or hate Code Geass Lelouch was always a treat to watch.  Whether it's his more humorous moments of physical and sometimes social ineptitude, his devious schemes and grappeling with the fall out of those schemes, his genuine kindness and care for those he loves, or his hamtastic word play and flair for the dramatic Lelouchis nothing if not entertaining.  If he were an actor on stage he would probably read out his final lines, give his final scene and then exit the stage to thunderous applause and a standin ovation, even if the rest of the play was a train wreck.

Also he's a Char clone, though he kind of splits that role with Kallen.  Think about it an it will make sense.

"Yes... I... Destroy the world... and create it... anew."
- Lelouch Vi Britannia's last words.

4 William Adama

When the end of the world is happening because of sexy robots there is only one man to turn to to lead what's left of the Human races is military in the fight to save us from total extinction.  A man whose glare is classified as a weapon of destruction,a man who can kill an armored war robot with hand tools, a man with a voice to gravelly you could process starship fuel with it, a man is bold enough to drop his battered old ship into atmosphere so he can launch all of his fighters to cover a ground evacuation, a man whose old callsign sounds like its his pornstar alias.  

That man, ladies and gentlemen, is William Adama, the old man, the Admiral.

When he's not killing hundreds upon thousands of Cylons, keeping a bunch of maverick pilots in line, getting his drunken XO best friend off the bottle, banging the president, or trying to reconnect with his estranged son, Adama is the one keeping the fleet moving and alive.  Yes he crosses some ethical lines along the way.  At his core however he remains a good man trying to do what he feels is right and what is best for the people under his command.

When two of his men where accused of murder and sentenced to die by Admiral Cain without anything resembling a trial, without the accused even being allowed to defend themselves Adama was willing to start a shooting war with the much more powerful Pegasus to save them.  When a large part of the crew mutinied and one man was killed trying to protect him Adama told the mutiniers that a line had offically been crossed, there would be no ammensty or forgiveness this time.  If you are part of Adama's crew and your a good and loyal member of that crew Adama isn't going to let anyone do shit to you.  

Adama can be harsh but he is never unfair.  During Baltar's trial he was one of the three judges who voted to acquite Baltar despite that fact that he had authorized the use of hallucinogenic drugs on Baltar to try and get information out of him and used had previously voiced his belief that Baltar was guilty.  Why did he change his mind?  Because in his own words the defense made their case while the prosecution however he also added that not guilty is not the same thing as innocent.  

Adama is a hard man in a hard situation, one I don't think anyone would ever want to be stuck in.  At the same time he remains a good man, a fair man, and also a total badass.  He won't pull any punches and he never ever bluffs.

"Prepare for turbulence."
- William Adama

3 Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker

Darth Vader...

Let me put it to you like this folks.  I first saw Star Wars when I was like 3 and Vader was instantly the biggest badass around.  I had a Darth Vader themed birthday party once.  That mind you was when I was 3 and Vader was just a big badass in armor with a long black cape who had realy scary breathing, I didn't understand or know much about Star Wars lore or the large impact of what I was viewing.

Now that I'm older my liking for Vader has matured from 3 year old fan boy to someone who now knows more about Vader's lore and history and not only understands it but I'd like to say appreciate it.  Sure there are parts that could have been done better, some parts I hate but the pay off is well worth it in my opinion.

Vader chronoligically begins as Anakin Skywalker, former slave turned Jedi Knight.  Say what you will about the portrayl of Anakin in the prequels, I personally blame the director for what went wrong, Anakin's fall however makes sense when you stop to think about it.  He's a guy who while inherently a good person has a very hard time taking and dealing with loss.  He's someone with all of this power but he couldn't save his mother, couldn't stop the start of the Clone Wars, and couldn't keep Ashoka from leaving the Jedi order.

So when he starts seeing visions of losing his wife in child birth you can kind of understand why he's a little concerned.  What's more there really isn't anyone he can really turn  to for straight advice about his fears since he's not even supposed to be married.  Factor in his growing frustrations with the order and the Jedi Council over the conduct of the war, their treatment of Ashoka, that time they had Obi-wan fake his death and basicaly didn't tell him so they could sell the deception, and his own feelings of being marginalized by the council and its not surprising that when Palpatine starts dropping hints about the power of the darkside which Anakin has already had a few close calls with his fall becomes all the more clear.  

Anakin becomes Darth Vader, slaughters the Jedi order, then destroys the Seperatists.
Then he loses everything; his honor, his limbs, and his wife.  He becomes encased in a life supporting suit of armor that is constantly pumping pain killers into his body and is horribly uncomfortable.  He is alone with just his new master Emperor Palpatine and the dark side of the force.  

He is in hell.  A hell of his own making and he has to live with it.  He fuels his power with the one thing in the galaxy he hates more than anything else, himself.  And he uses that power to fuck people up.  Whole rebel squadrons?  A joke for him.  Two Jedi?  Child's play.  His old master?  A very tense fencing match but ultimately doomed.      

That said Vader can't always keep out his old self. From time to time he tries to do a small act of good though it usually ends badly.  Why does he still serve Palpatine?  Because he wants to overthrow Palpatine himself after bringing peace and order to the galaxy by any means nessecary. Even his desire to face Luke is born of a good intention from a certain point view, he wants to save his son even if he has to turn him to the dark side or horribly maim him to do so.  This to me is the thing that stands out the most, beyond Vader's insane badassery, deadly skill with the force, and ruthlessness.  Deep inside Vader there is still the hero, Anakin Skywalker trying to do something good out of the mess he created.  

And then there is Vader's final hours.  These scenes from Return of the Jedi to me define what Star Wars is really all about.  The final duel between Luke and Vader is Star Wars refined to its purest state.  We have an epic lightsaber duel that is a battle of skill and of philosophy.  It is light vs darkness made manifest, every moment of this duel slowly building upon the other or on moments from the past in such a way to make the final pay off all the more sweet, all the more perfect.

Luke disarms Vader and has him at his mercy.  Palpatine is egging him on, presuring him to give into the hate and take Vader's place at his side.  Then Luke see's all the wired stickin out of Vader's severed hand and you can just tell he's remembering what he saw in the cave on Dagobah.  If he gives in to the darkness he will become just like Vader.  He turns away tosses away his weapon and tells Palpatine to suck it, he's a Jedi like his father before him (the subtle head gesture towards the fallen Vader in this moment is all the more epic and heart warming).  Recognizing that he won't be able to break Luke, Palpatine decides to kill him and starts using force lightning on him.

Vader slowly gets up and shambles over to his master once more viewing the full effects of force lightning in use.  Once more the person on the ground is begging  him for help.
This time things are different however.  This time it is Palpatine who threatening the safety of someone he loves.  This someone who throughout the film has tried to convince him that he can still be saved, that he can still be the hero, that this time he can make it right.

In that moment, Vader comes full circle.  In that moment the Sith Lord becomes a Jedi Knight once more.  At the cost of mortal damage to his suits systems Anakin grabs Palpatine, enduring brutal electrical shocks, and pitches the most powerful Sith Lord in the Galaxy down into the Death Stars reactor.  In his final moments Anakin asks Luke to help him take his mask off some that he can see his son just once with his own eyes.  

You can just imagine what is going through Anakin's mind in the moment.  So many regrets, so much pain and suffering he has caused.  And yet there is pride, not for himself but for his son, a truer Jedi Knight then he ever was.  He thought he had lost everything.  Only for the unconditional love of his son show him the way back onto the right path.    

Anakin's tale is of a Hero's rise, his fall, and ultimately his redemption.  One that shall continue to carry on for generations.

"You already... have, Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were right."
- Anakin Skywalker's last words.

2 Batman/ Bruce Wayne

Batman, the Dark Knight.

As a very small child I watched Batman the animated series religiously.  Batman was basically my Jesus at the time.  

Batman's story has been told many times and in many different ways but at its core it remains the same.   A man traumatized at an early age by the death of his parents who devotes his life to ensuring that no one else ever has to go through what he did.  

Is he badass?  Yes.

Batman is known for his determination and will power, such that he can surpass more powerful heroes in the DC Universe when it comes to battling foes who rely on attacking their opponents psyche.  Batman's mind may be his most potent weapon both for his intelligence and strength of will.  He was able to withstand Doctor Destiny's mental attacks in Justice League, which had crippled the rest of the team.  In Arkham Knight he defeats and imprisons a mental resurrection of the Joker who was threatening to take over his mind and body.

Batman is known for his controversial code, that he will not kill.  Many have criticized him for it, allowing the Joker to live inspite of the literal graveyards he has filled with his victims.  But for Batman, there is a very simple reason why he doesn't kill them.  It would be to easy.  He knows many of his foes deserve death for their crimes yet he refuses to use lethal force against them.  Because if he goes down that road, if he becomes judge, jury, and executioner he won't ever be able to come back from it.  Only once has he ever made an exception to his rule and that was to defeat Darkside who was at the height of his power and yet Batman beat him, using a gun symbolic turning something that had been symbol of evil to him against evil itself to destroy it.

What is less often seen is Batman's kindness, his mercy, his pity, and his care for his fellow man.  He blames himself to this day for what happened to people like Harvey Dent, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd all of whom became casualties in some form in his war on crime.  The reason he takes in Robins and trains them is not to make copies of himself, to make more of Batman but so that they don't become like him, alone with his caped crusade against crime.  His boundless drive and focus alienating him from those around him.

Then there is one of my single favorite Batman moments of all time from the Justice League Unlimited Episode Epilouge.  Amanda Waller tells Terry Mcginnis about an incident involving one of the many incarnations of the Royal Flush Gang.  How Ace, a powerful psychic who had been raised to be a weapon by project Cadmus, by Waller is maybe hours away from a brain anyurism that could kill thousands of people with the backlash.  Because Batman is the only one that Ace trusts he volunteers to deal with her with the very real posibility that he will have to kill her.

When Batman reaches Ace however he finds her alone a swing set, a sad and bitter little girl.  When Batman says he knows how she feels she knows that he's telling the truth and also that he won't kill her no matter what.  She knows she is going to die, and she asks Batman to stay with her...  She's scared.   Batman sits down on the swings beside her, takes her hand, and stays with her until her time comes.  Ace dies at peace and Batman saves thousands without compromising his morale code by giving one little girl basic human decency.

Batman empowers those who are afraid of criminals, the down trodden and the innocent.  He takes their fear from them and turns it upon those who would do them harm.  It's what he does.  It's who he is.  For he is...  Well I'll let his quote tell you the rest.

"I am vengeance. I am the night! I AM BATMAN!"
- Batman
Finally onto part 3.

Yeah this ran a bit late...

Don't hit.

9 Emi Yusa

Emi Yusa, aka Emilia Justina or Emilia the Hero.

Hottest and most ass kicking call center lady in anime.  Considering how few of those there are that doesn't sound like much.  Do not be fooled however!

I just realized she's the first woman on this list.   Does that make me a bad person?  OH GOD!  AM I CLOSET SEXIST?!?!?!  

*One morality crisis, followed by guilt trip memories of that almost painfully liberal Gender and Society class, followed by coming to terms with the fact that although there are a disproportionate number of men to women on this list, the spots held by women are universally in the top ten and this is by no means indicative of any gender discrimination on the part of the writer but a case by  case judgment of both characters and franchises later...*

Okay... glad that's over with.  Who was I talking about again?  Oh right, Emi.

Emi Yusa can be described as a slightly less serious version of Agent Carolina from Red vs Blue.  What I like about Emi is the fact it is very easy to see why so many in her home world call her a hero.  Aside from her combat skills she also has very strong moral center.  That and she is fucking hilarious.  

Seriously her dialogue in the English dub is the best, come to think of it so is the whole of the English dub.   This show is very self aware and once Emi settles in a bit even she gets to be a ton of fun, mostly playing the straight man, or woman in this case, to everyone else.

That and she's...  DAMNIT NO!  I AM NOT GOING OT OBJECTIFY HER!  I AM GOING TO RESPECTFULLY...  try to... talk... about...

Fuck it.  She's hot.  And funny.

"And, once again, I spent today being a stalker."
- Emi Yusa

8 Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian.  Polls have confirmed that this Turian is the most popular party member from Mass Effect.  It's easy to see why from various stand points.  Mechanically Garrus is great for long range support with his Sniper rifle and with enough tech and combat abilities to keep him flexible and functional.  

Then there is Garrus himself.  Garrus starts the first Mass Effect as a dedicated but deeply frustrated C-Sec officer.  Fed up with the red tape and beuracry of C-sec he joins Shepard's hunt for Saren.  Talking to Garrus shows just how frustrated he is with the way the justice system works sometimes.  Shepard assumes a mentor role to Garrus.   The Paragon route with Garrus involves Shepard showing Garrus that while he's right that criminal's shouldn't go unpunished procedures exist for a reason.  The Renegade route encourages Garrus to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Then Mass Effect 2 roles around and when we first reunite with Garrus he's been put through the wringer.  You find him apperantly having pissed off the three largest mercenary gangs in the Terminus system after having been screwing with their operations for months.  Yeah Garrus took many levels in awesome and snark.  After surviving a rocket to the face Garrus is basically  Shepard's BFF though still at times in the mentor student relationship.  Graduation from this relationship comes with Garrus' loyalty quest.  Garrus has a chance to take down a former member of his own team who betrayed him and got ten good men killed.  When we meet Sidonis however he's honestly very pathetic, wracked by guilt and shame at what he did to save his own skin.  You can either let Garrus take the shot and kill Sidonis or you can convince Garrus to give Sidonis another chance.   Garrus reveals just how much this has shaken him and how hard it is for him to recognize that there is more than one way to find justice and closure.  

After this throughout Mass Effect 3 Garrus is basically Shepard's right hand man or Turian.  Garrus is your best friend who's been with you so long he practically knows what Shepard is thinking.   Also if you didn't let Garrus win the bottle shooting contest you are officially a jerk.  

Garrus is also a ton of fun with a very dry and witty sense of humor that has fully developed by Mass Effect 2.  He's hilariously awkward as a romance option while still being the only being in the universe able to get Shepard to dance without looking like an idiot.  I hope there is a god damned statue of Garrus somewhere in Mass Effect Andromeda...  something badass like Garrus on a horse.


"My name is Garrus Vikarian and this is my favorite spot on the Citadel!"
- Garrus Vakarian

7 Domon Kasshu

Your typical Gundam Protagonist is a whiney bishonnen panzy with daddy issues.  They get their giant robot and then they rely wholly on its abilities until they g from being mediocre to skilled but never stop bitching about everything wrong in their lives whilst doing little to fix the problem.  Domon Kasshu... is not at all like the rest of these shmucks.  


I have gone on record with how badass Domon is in the past.  There is a reason G Gundam is not only my favorite Gundam but also the favorite of many of my friends.  Domon is  a huge part of that reason.  

I don't think I need to say any more on this one.  Go watch the show.

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGER!!!"
— Domon Kasshu

6 Varric Tethras

Varric Tethras.

Just Varric Tethras folks.  

He is the most magnificent dwarf ever.  With the coolest crossbow ever as well.  Kneel before this dwarf and his chest hair.  

I don't think any reviewer or critic in the universe can express how great Varric is.  From helping Merrill avoid getting lost or mugged (out of his own pocket no less), to helping Cole understand what it means to be human, to continuing a trashy romance novel series Cassandra loves, to hiding Hawke's whereabouts from everyone because he feels that Hawke has dealt with enough, to simply organizing a game of cards for everyone, Varric is just awesome.  I'm pretty sure everyone would love to have Varric as a friend IRL.

This dwarf makes Dragon Age worth it.  He is how you make a Companion character correctly.  We love you Varric.  

Never leave us.

"There's power in stories, though. That's all history is: the best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine."
— Varric
Top 20 Favorite Characters 9-6
I own none of the above mentioned characters they belong to their respective creators, companies, and owners.
So after some editing due to the evils of certain writers we come now to entries 14-10.  Enjoy.

14 Alibaba Saluja

For those who don't know, this entry was added partially as a response to the recent episode of Game of Thrones.  That episode has firmly removed Stannis Baratheon from the list.  I don't even words for just how massive a case of character assassination and derailment that was, Peter Parker selling his marriage to the devil is NOTHING compared to what happened.  Thus I move down the list and a rather new series for me takes its place.

Alibaba Saluja is introduced to us as being a strangely blonde and pale young man living in a part of the world heavily based on the Arabian Nights stories.  At first he seems to be your standard Shonen series protagonist at the start of a series; young, idealistic, skilled but far from an expert, coming from modest beginnings.  The thing is though...  He's not the main protagonist, that's Alladin.  In fact Alibaba seems almost like a deconstruction of a sort for Shonen protagonists.

Alibaba's youth and idealism leave him somewhat naive, bullheaded, and inexperienced with politics.  His skills are rapidly overshadowed by far more powerful and experienced characters almost making him The Load for the first arc.   His humble origin is revealed to be that he's a royal bastard who spent his early years in the slums before living in the palace for a few years and then running away.

The thing is though, Alibaba is also sort of a reconstruction of Shonen protagonist.  His idealism gives him a great deal of charisma so that even if he doesn't understand politics very well people from many walks of life want to follow him.  He may be inexperienced and less powerful but he makes up for it through cunning until he can increase his power and makes what he has work as much as possible since.  His experiences with both poverty and luxury gives him perspective to recognize what is wrong with society and call out other individuals of power on their abuses of it or their over cashing in at the "I did what I had to do" bank.

As for his love life Alibaba has found himself in a bit of love triangle that is more than a little plot relevant.  See on the one end he is Morgiana, the Fanalis former slave who has very limited social skills and sounds like Homura Akemi.  On the other end is Kougyoku Ren, a princess of the Kou Empire who Alibaba has more than a little in common with.  

Things get complicated when Alibaba learns Morgiana loves by around chapter 200 of the manga and he's more than a little excited about that.  Bad news is Morgiana really doesn't get love so she kind of asks him to wait until she can figure this whole love thing out before they actually commit to anything.  Alibaba agrees, though he needs a man hug from his bros to cope.  

On the other end Alibaba gets the chance to regain control of his country by vassalizing himself to the Kou Empire.  Bad news is he would have to cut all ties with his allies in Sindria, he would basically be a figure head for the Kou, and he must marry a Kou Princess, namely Kougyoku as she is the only one available.   Alibaba is more than little reluctant to do so considering that he'd have to basically stab his friends and mentors in the back and break his promise to Morgiana.  When the Kou Prince's suggest that if he has an outstanding romantic commitment he's more than free to have a concubine or two.  This pisses Alibaba right off as he doesn't want to do that to Morgiana.  The terms are nonnegotiable however.  

Complicating matters even more (somehow) is the fact that Alibaba is good friends with Kougyoku and that she is actually a very nice person (she gets carried away at times but is genuinely very nice).  Even worse when he tries to explain things to Kougyoku he finds out Sinbad, Alibaba's trusted friend and mentor figure has basically turned Kougyoku into his own sleeper agent!  On top of that Sinbad tells him to go for it since he already controls Kougyoku allowing him to easily turn this whole thing against the Kou.  Alibaba is horrified and furious that Sinbad would stoop to such measures just to get a leg up on the Kou.

This whole situation hits on so many levels; Alibaba's loyalty to his friends, his love for his home country which is suffering, his personal honor, his feelings for both women.  He's stuck between option 1, which is remain loyal to Sindria and Sinbad and faithful to Morgiana but lose any chance of helping his people peacefully and likely end up having to fight Kou and accept Sinbad's brainwashing of Kougyoku, and option 2 turn his back on Sindria and Sinbad and break his promise to Morgiana but potentially save his people and try to figure out some way to break Sinbad's control of Kougyoku.  Both options compromise his personal honor and ethics in one way or another and both will end up hurting someone he cares about.

Thankfully before he can finalize his decision shit goes down and it seems he's going to get a bit of extra time to make his choice.  Bad news, shit happens and it’s very possible he may not be able to make a choice in the matter at all.

Alibaba has grown quite a bit since the beginning of the series mostly for the better.  He has lot of traits that could make him a good if not a great leader given time.  Time may be something that he doesn’t have however.

"Spirit of Politeness and Austerity, In the name of my Magoi, and my will to grant me a greater power, I order you and your members, Come Forth, Amon!"
- Alibaba Saluja

13 Dante

Anyone who has known me for the past few years knew this one was coming.  Dante from the Devil May Cry games...

By most rights he'd be a bit ridiculous what with his white hair, giant red coat, massive sword with a skull on it, and also has often very silly dialogue.  The thing is though Dante is one of those characters who can get away with it in my book.  Why?  Because Dante's just so much fun.  He has a charisma to him where even if he might be a bit of a dick or the sort of guy you wouldn't want around your sister you just can't hate him.

Dante's character development is worth some note.  In the pre devil may cry 3 manga Dante is portrayed as very abrasive, inconsiderate, short tempered.  Kind of makes me want to see him get his ass handed to him by Vergil which he does basically get his ass kicked by Vergil.  Devil May Cry 3 is where his character development kicks in.  

At first Dante is involved with situation personally just for a shot at settling the score with Vergil.  As the game goes forward his motivations shift from selfish revenge to simply wanting to do the right thing and stop the end of the world.  In the end he even tries to save Vergil and possibly forgive him only to be denied.  Dante matures just enough in the game to go from being a self center jackass to someone with some actual depth, though he still seems to have a few lingering personal issues in regards to his father, Sparda.

In Devil May Cry he becomes more appreciative of a good fight and while he'll still banter with his foes he is outraged when Mundus kills tem out of hand for failure.  Dante essentially plays out the role of his father, Sparda in this game even wielding his sword and defeating Mundus.

The anime gives us a look at Dante when he's not on world saving adventures.  The answer?  He deals with low paying demon hunting jobs that present him for the most part with very little challenge.  He's bored.  That said Dante does how some paternal element towards Patty, usually trying to shield her from the hyper violence associated with his job though with mixed results.  Its actually nice to see him just hanging out with his small circle of friends; drinking, playing cards, and getting screw over a lot by Lady and Trish when it comes to money.

Devil May Cry 4 I feel is Dante's character fully actualized.  He's flippant and cocky but also rather relaxed most of the time which makes his banter with various characters all the more amusing, he's been through this crazy shit before it takes a lot to impress him.  His relationship with Nero is also interesting as they start of as enemies though after their second fight Dante let's Nero keep using Yamato, the sword Vergil used in the previous game a quiet possibly the last thing of Vergil left in the world to Dante's knowledge.  I do wonder if Dante knows or at least suspects Nero's family relation to him, namely that Dante is Nero's uncle.

Now however I guess people will want to know my opinion of the new Dante or Donte as some have taken to calling him.  To be honest...  He reminds me a lot of manga Dante, namely a selfish dick who shows some signs of nobility or other genuinely heroic traits...  Still an ass though.  But he's an ass with potential to grow.

Dante is narmy, he is a ham, he is a bit of a jackass.  But he's also noble, heroic, and genuinely a good person deep down.  He is also a massive badass who basically created the stylish action genre of gaming.  

"Devils never cry."
— Dante

12 Alucard


No not either of the Castlevania ones.  I'm talking about the Crimson Fucker himself.
There's no bones about it, Alucard is fucking scary most of the time.  This guy is literally count Dracula made to serve Britain as its ultimate super natural exterminator.  And boy does Alucard love his job.  

Whether it is killing Nazi's, corrupt cops, local punk vampires, or an army of crusader knights and priests Alucard loves killing.  He lives for battle, the joy of facing powerful opponents.  Why?

Because he really wants to die.

Not only does he want to die he wants to die in a battle with an opponent who is human who has managed to overcome all of Alucard's powers and crush him utterly beneath his boot heel.

Thus we have the explanation for why Alucard hates his own kind so much and others who would transform into monsters to gain power.  In his eyes they are cowards who cannot stand

Then there's the fact that he is fucking badass and nigh unkillable.  NICE TRY YOU NAZI SHIT HEADS!  ALL YOU DID WAS PUT HIM DOWN FOR A 30 SOMETHING YEAR LONG NAP!

"The Bird of Hermes is my name. Eating my wings to make me tame."
- Alucard

11 Lavernius Tucker

Ah Private, now Captain, Lavernius Tucker.  Tucker has gone through what I call slow burn character development.  Tucker starts off as an amusing if not very bright or virtuous man.  Tucker's character growth really get's going in season 5 after giving birth to his son.  No not the birth of his son, GIVING BIRTH to his son.

In the words of Wash Tucker was a terrible excuse for a human being but he begins to develop some genuine paternal feelings for Tucker Junior.  This sets him on the path of steadily growing both in competence as a fighter and as a person.   In the more recent seasons Tucker's character development kicks in as he is forced to assume more responsibility and finds out just how much it sucks to be calling the shots.

At the same time Tucker's more positive traits come out in the more recent seasons.  He's a reluctant leader.  The whole scene where Tucker and Church move past their various levels of mutual annoyance with each other to be genuine friends is one of my favorites of season 12.  Tucker actually becomes very clever, playing to the Reds and Blues strengths, namely that they are so dumb they will think of ideas that most people would not even consider...  AND THEN GET THEM TO WORK!

There is also the fact that Tucker remains fun throughout the entire run.  Yes he is a pig but he's a likeable enough pig.  He hasn't lost his charms (what he had) but has gained a whole lot more in the past twelve seasons of Red vs Blue.  Also he keeps a picture of Junior in his wallet all together now everyone...


Now normally I would close this out with an awesome quote that sums up their character.  Of course we all know there is only one quote that can be used for Tucker.

- Lavernius Tucker

10 Gabriel Belmont

Castlevania is a very old series, one of the classic gaming franchises.  The Belmonts have been slaying Dracula for years but usually only in 2D games on hand held systems as its attempts to break into 3D meet with little success.  When the Castlevania:  Lords of Shadows games began however Castlevania finally seems to have found its feet in 3D.
Lords of Shadow also introduced us to the most powerful version of Dracula to date, Gabriel Belmont.  

Gabriel's story is of a man who basically gets shafted by fate.  Seriously, he is mind controlled into murdering his own wife, fighting two of the three Lords of Shadow who command armies of where wolves and vampires, kills Pan, is mind controlled again into killing a mute telepath girl, then has to fight and defeat Satan after killing a giant reanimated dragon.  That's just the main part of the first game!  

Then the DLC comes along and he has to become a vampire so that he can destroy an eldritch abomination.  At this point he kind of figures that even though he is God's chosen warrior, God is kind of a jerk and he goes crazy for a few years before being attacked by the son his wife had concealed from him and kills him in the fight (though he does try to raise his son from death and turn him into a vampire).

After this he declares war on all of mankind for the sake of revenge slaughtering thousands upon thousands with his armies of horror.  He becomes known by most as Dracula in this time though he prefers to be called Dracul (ask a linguist about this one).  Then his grandson and his now raised vampire son double team him and defeat him...  for a few years.  See because Gabriel is God's chosen warrior he cannot die, the only thing that can kill him is his old weapon a combat cross known as "The Vampire Killer".  

Gabriel spends he next few centuries fighting any mofo who has the balls to come at him including wiping out an army of 500,000 knights with the power of GOD.

Then suddenly he wakes up in the modern day with a really bad thirst for blood and his powers greatly diminished.  Zobek, the asshole who screwed him over with the whole kill your wife and the other Lords of Shadow thing promises to kill him with the Vampire Killer personally as he has reassembled the fragments, if Gabriel can defeat Satan for a second time.

Gabriel starts out as very noble if angsty man who slowly falls into darkness in the face of all of the evils he must face.  For all of his sacrifices he is not rewarded but forced to continue on facing one nightmarish foe after the next.  Its not surprising that Gabriel develops such a fatalistic attitude.

The thing is though Gabriel is well aware of how far he has fallen, he just stopped caring because he can't escape the hell he is now.  The surprising thing is that deep down, beneath all of vicious fury and hate for the world Gabriel Belmont still exists.  Through small acts of kindness he shows that he still has some vestiges of his humanity, the hero who once was and not the Prince of Darkness.

Like someone else on this list later on Gabriel finds redemption through the love of his family.    Much of lords of Shadow 2 is Gabriel coming to grips with his past and the guilt he feels over what he did to his family.  He even makes up with his son by the end which is pretty epic and heart warming.  He's still a sullen and angry bastard but by the end of Lord's of Shadow 2 he is able to move on at last and face the future.

Then there's the fact that Gabriel is fucking awesome to play as!  Seriously some of the boss fights in both games are absolutely amazing!  In one in the second game Gabriel actually fights and enemy who uses most of the same abilities he had in the previous game.  Oh sweet jibbly jibblets that was a fun fight!

"The roots of evil run deep. Irreversibly so in the heart's of men. It is their true nature. Their destiny... I was their most devoted warrior. A Champion of Light. But I fell. Fell into darkness, and now... I am feared, as The Prince of Darkness. Ironic? Don't you think? The mighty Zobek hides from me like the scared rat he is! Even Satan himself is too afraid to leave the pits of Hell and fight me! But if I die now, Alucard. They will simply take my place... Evil, will prevail. It is the natural order. The world... (Holds up Ronceval's crucifix.) Is like this. (Snaps the relic in half and casts the pieces down.) Abandon, all, hope."
- Gabriel Belmont
Top 20 Favorite Characters 14-10
I own none of the above mentioned characters they belong to their respective creators, companies, and owners.
Goku has the reputation of being the strongest fighter in the history of Anime, able to go toe to toe with Gods and one of the few who can give Superman a run for his money.  Many have pointed out that most of DBZ is the cast holding off the villains until Goku can come and save the day.

But if you really stop to think about it, Goku doesn't have the best win/loss record of all time.

Raditz-  Goku dies, Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku as well.

Nappa- Goku does conclusively win this fight.

Vegeta Round 1-  Goku holds his own until Vegeta turns into the mighty Ozuru and crushes most of the bones in Goku's body.  Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobi are the ones who actually force Vegeta to retreat.

The Ginyu force-  Goku only beats two of the Ginyu conclusively.  The rest are all defeated by Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan.

Freiza-  Another of Goku's wins although Freiza would return only to be defeated by Future Trunks.

The Androids-  Goku flat out losses to Android 19 an has no part in the defeat of the rest of the Androids.

Cell-  Goku dies again.  Gohan is the one who beats Cell.  

Vegeta Round 2-  At best a draw though Vegeta does knock Goku out.

Buu-  A win for Goku though very much a team effort.

SO of nine major fights Goku has he only actually wins 4 of them with the rest being draws, ties, or losses.  The source of this misconception is likely because Goku is the groups best fighter over all and the main choice for who should engage the villains first.  This is also due to the fact that most of the rest of cast simply can't catch up with how far ahead of them Goku gets.  Most of the non Sayian members of the cast have hit their maximum potential power by the end of the Cell Saga while Goku's upper limits remain unknown.  
Goku has the reputation of being the strongest fighter in the history of Anime, able to go toe to toe with Gods and one of the few who can give Superman a run for his money.  Many have pointed out that most of DBZ is the cast holding off the villains until Goku can come and save the day.

But if you really stop to think about it, Goku doesn't have the best win/loss record of all time.

Raditz-  Goku dies, Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku as well.

Nappa- Goku does conclusively win this fight.

Vegeta Round 1-  Goku holds his own until Vegeta turns into the mighty Ozuru and crushes most of the bones in Goku's body.  Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobi are the ones who actually force Vegeta to retreat.

The Ginyu force-  Goku only beats two of the Ginyu conclusively.  The rest are all defeated by Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan.

Freiza-  Another of Goku's wins although Freiza would return only to be defeated by Future Trunks.

The Androids-  Goku flat out losses to Android 19 an has no part in the defeat of the rest of the Androids.

Cell-  Goku dies again.  Gohan is the one who beats Cell.  

Vegeta Round 2-  At best a draw though Vegeta does knock Goku out.

Buu-  A win for Goku though very much a team effort.

SO of nine major fights Goku has he only actually wins 4 of them with the rest being draws, ties, or losses.  The source of this misconception is likely because Goku is the groups best fighter over all and the main choice for who should engage the villains first.  This is also due to the fact that most of the rest of cast simply can't catch up with how far ahead of them Goku gets.  Most of the non Sayian members of the cast have hit their maximum potential power by the end of the Cell Saga while Goku's upper limits remain unknown.  


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